About Us

Central to everything we do at Nola Electrical is to do it once, do it right. The following are our key business ethics we believe essential to develop and maintain long-term relationships that are fruitful for both ourselves and our clients.

Trust: The participation in any contract must have trust between the associated parties and that in all instances be honest and forthright with each other.

Quality: Only the best is acceptable for our clients and we have put in place quality procedures to monitor, check and verify that only quality products and services are delivered to our clients.

Workmanship: Only workmanship of the highest quality is considered acceptable. This promotes self - respect, safe working practices and pride in our work, do it once, do it properly. The benefits to clients are obvious and we consider that there are no increased cost implications in promoting high standard.

Profitability: We believe that our clients must get value for money. Work should be profitable and mutually beneficial to all parties.

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